Functional venous insufficiency is the most common cause of chronic venous insufficiency. It accounted for the highest number of visits (36% in 2022) to our leg clinic. Patients are referred from a wide range of departments, including orthopedics, dermatology, internal medicine, and home care, indicating a vast number of affected individuals. However, detailed research has not been conducted, and a systematic treatment approach has yet to be established. We believe early intervention is significant from a preventive medicine standpoint.

Causes of Functional Insufficiency


• Long periods of standing or sitting

• Safety shoes (e.g., construction sites, security guards)

• Boots, sandals, high heels (e.g., in the food and beverage industry, beauty salons, office work)

Daily life:

• Lack of exercise. Sitting and watching TV every day. Remaining seated even at day service centers.

• Inactivity is one of the major reasons.

Our Approach to Functional Insufficiency

We have demonstrated that our foot care program effectively treats functional insufficiency both objectively and subjectively (IRB 2023030).

For young people with significantly low calf muscle mass due to inadequate nutrition, and for inactive elderly individuals with low protein intake, we provide guidance from a nutritionist. Improvement is achieved only when both exercise/foot care and nutrition work together.