Center for Leg Health & Vein Care (Opened on April 1, 2024)

The contents of Center for Leg Health & Vein Care’s website are now available in English. We have done this to help you feel more comfortable by obtaining information in advance before consultations and surgeries. Our doctors will communicate with you in English during regular appointments and surgeries.

For patients whose native language is neither Japanese nor English, we kindly ask that you be accompanied by an interpreter during consultations and surgeries to ensure smooth communication. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, we have also made information about the medical services at Gifu Heart Center available in English for healthcare professionals overseas.

We are integrating the previous leg outpatient and varicose vein outpatient services.

Up until now, we have operated separate outpatient services for leg disorders and varicose veins. To make it more accessible and approachable for patients and the community, we are integrating these services.

At the Gifu Heart Center, our leg care focuses on:

• Diagnosing leg diseases

• Identifying hidden heart diseases or reassuring patients by ruling them out. Various causes are considered, including diseases affecting organs other than the legs, such as the heart and kidneys.

After diagnosing the cause, we provide a wide range of treatments including catheter treatments by the cardiology and cardiovascular surgery team, surgical treatments, and treatments for lower limb varicose veins.

Additionally, leg symptoms often stem from lifestyle habits and tend to be overlooked. We emphasize compression therapy such as elastic stockings and bandages, drainage, and provide guidance on proper walking techniques to improve and preserve walking function.

Our outpatient foot care team (comprising foot care instructors, nurses certified as elastic stocking conductors, and specialized practice nurses) closely collaborates with physicians. Internally, the foot care team collaborates with physicians (cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery), nurses, rehabilitation departments, and nutritionists to deliver comprehensive treatment.

For conditions requiring consultation from other specialties such as dermatology, orthopedics, and neurology, we refer patients to specialized hospitals.

Center for Leg Health & Vein Care


Table of Contents

1. Background of Establishment

2. Outpatient Examination Methods

3. Chronic Venous Insufficiency

4. Treatment for Lower Limb Varicose Veins

5. Treatment for Functional Venous Insufficiency

6. Treatment for Venous Ulcers

7. Gifu Heart Center Foot Care Program

8. Achievements (Clinical, Research)

9. NEW Latest Information

10. Physician Recruitment Information

11. Physician Introduction


Treatment for Peripheral Vascular Diseases